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Unlock the Health Benefits of Kiwis with These Easy Recipes!

Kiwis are a delicious and nutrient-packed fruit, full of vitamins C, E, and K, copper and potassium. Eating kiwis plain is generally the best way to get the health benefits they offer, although recipes that include raw kiwis, such as smoothies and salads, won’t sacrifice any of the nutrition. There are many ways to incorporate kiwis into your everyday diet, and it’s worth giving them a try for the numerous health benefits they offer.

Kiwis are an excellent source of vitamin C, with a single 100-gram serving providing up to 154% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. But that’s not all – kiwis are also a great source of vitamin E and antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammation in the body and provide protection from free radicals.[0] Eating kiwi skin will also increase your vitamin C intake, as it has three times more antioxidants than the fruit itself.

Kiwis have been found to have anticancer properties, especially in relation to colorectal cancer.[1] Plus, studies have linked kiwi fruit to a good night's sleep, making it perfect for those who struggle to get enough shut-eye.[1] This is because kiwis are high in serotonin, a neurotransmitter that's the precursor to melatonin, the main hormone charged with maintaining healthy sleep patterns.[2]

Kiwis are also a low-calorie fruit, making them a good option for those trying to maintain a healthy weight. They are an excellent source of fiber, which helps with digestion, and vitamin K, which helps to maintain healthy blood clotting throughout the body.[3] Plus, kiwi is also a great meat tenderizer thanks to the actinidin in it, an enzyme that’s been shown to help the body digest various types of proteins.[3]

Kiwis can be eaten raw, blended into smoothies, added to salads, or used in marinades. There are many delicious recipes that include kiwi, such as a tropical fruit salad, a salsa made with diced kiwi and other fruits, or sauces perked up with the sweet acidity of kiwi.

So, next time you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some extra nutrition to your diet, consider kiwis.

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