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Snacking for Gut Health: The Benefits of Greek Yogurt and Chickpeas

Snacking can be a tricky part of maintaining a healthy diet. With so many unhealthy snack options, it can be hard to find something that is not only nutritious but also satisfying.[0] Greek yogurt is a great option that is low in calories, high in protein, and full of probiotics – perfect for gut health.

Kim Kulp, RDN, owner of the Gut Health Connection, explains how Greek yogurt is an excellent source of nutrition: “It's creamy and satisfying, high in protein, and beneficial for gut health. Adding berries for plant nutrients and walnuts for omega-3 fats helps feed the good gut microbes, helping them, and you, thrive.”

The Nutrition Twins agree, noting that eating yogurt is associated with lower body weight, body fat, and a smaller waist.[1] Not only this, but Greek yogurt provides more protein than regular yogurt and is packed with probiotics.

Chickpeas are another great snack that can help support gut health. They are a great source of dietary fiber and are packed with B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and selenium. Furthermore, they can help lower LDL cholesterol according to Medical News Today.

Combining your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and chickpeas will give you a delicious and satisfying trail mix that is full of fiber and protein. Greek yogurt and chickpeas are both excellent snacks that are low in carbs and can provide a variety of health benefits, making them the perfect snacks for anyone trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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