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Jean Bailey, 102, Inspires the Community with Healthy Living

Jean Bailey, 102, is an inspiring example of how to stay fit and healthy at any age. She leads an exercise class four days a week at her senior living community in Omaha, Nebraska.[0] The class consists of 20 different stretches for both the upper and lower body, including neck rolls, pointing and flexing feet, and bending over to touch the ground.[1]

Bailey is a strict coach, and though some of the regular participants have arthritis that limits their movements, they can still comfortably do the exercises and benefit from them.[1] She begins each class with a prayer and enjoys the sense of community it provides.[2]

In addition to exercising, Bailey also finds time to indulge in her favorite treat — chocolate cake.[0]

Bailey had a difficult childhood growing up during the Great Depression, but she has persevered over the years.[1] She was born in Wyoming to five siblings, but was given away to another family when she was three and grew up as an only child with a father who worked on a railroad.[1] She eventually settled in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband, who passed away in 1989.[2] They had three children, one of whom passed away at 55 due to cancer.[1] Bailey now has five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.[2]

Bailey is a role model for staying active and enjoying life, even past 100. Through her exercise classes, she has helped to create a supportive and caring community of women. Her story is a reminder that it is never too late to pursue health and happiness.

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