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Fuel Your Performance with Chew’s Fastfood Line of High-Performance Sports Nutrition Products

Chew, the food innovation lab committed to democratizing good food and beverage, has launched Fastfood, a first-of-its-kind line of high-performance sports nutrition products engineered to fuel elite and amateur athletes.[0] Founded and led by Adam Melonas, an award-winning chef and multi-podium Ironman triathlete, Fastfood is made from real food and is certified with Informed Sport, providing athletes assurance that all products have been tested for a wide range of substances prohibited in sport.[1]

The brand stands out for its incorporation of galactose, a key carbohydrate in its Galacto-Gels and Galacto-Gummies offerings.[0] By combining galactose with fructose and glucose, it creates maximum diversification of energy inputs into varied metabolic pathways, creating an efficiency of energy absorption that helps avoid over-depletion of glycogen and sugar crashes, frequently seen in all athletic activity that lasts more than 1-hour.[2]

A broad selection of Fastfood products are available, with each serving containing 25g of carbohydrates and costing between US$1.92 and US$3.33.[2] Multi-serve packs of items are available for purchase between US$30 and US$46.[0] Customers could pre-order Fastfood items at starting on February 14, with the items set to be shipped out on Monday, March 6.

In addition to its Galacto-Gels and Galacto-Gummies, Fastfood also features a Hydrator beverage mix that provides electrolytes and micro-nutrition.[3] The hydration formula blends sodium, chloride, magnesium, and zinc with real food ingredients including lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, raspberry, pomegranate & guarana to provide the beverage mix with taste, natural caffeine, and balanced replenishment.[3]

Fastfood is the perfect choice for athletes of all levels looking for a quality, high-performance fuel that meets their food values. Pre-order your Fastfood today at and begin to experience the benefits of fuelling with real food.

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